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AUGUST 2017/ 1

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People programme computers insanely
I bought an ear trumpet in the USA.

It was shipped via the USPS First Class Mail.

A tracking number was provided, and I found a way of getting an email each time the tracking was updated.

When I looked at the tracking today it said delivered at 6.04 AM this morning - on no it wasn't !

After some intensive internet research I surmised that this meant it had been delivered to my local PDO - a part of Royal Mail.

Royal Mail tracking says they have it, but no indication is given of what happens next. I assume there is VAT to pay. So unless I go to the PDO and ask how will I ever know what happens ?? - watch this space.

Sure enough a day later a 'please pay VAT' card arrived.

But delivery was a further 2 days - apparently they can't do it the next day !

an unusual shaped ear trumpet - very rare