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FEBRUARY 2012/ 1

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Avid, computer RAM, more trumpets
UPDATE - Feb 12th, My AVID back up disks arrived - well one of them did !

I have installed Studio 15 on my laptop having had to modify my windoze before I did it.

The installer said it was a good install but I can't import files because the program cant see my C: drive - how crass is that ? Turns out one would NEVER NEED to import from a 'C' drive - what planet do they live on ?

A whole month has gone by and Avid still have not got me my disks.

Buy from this outfit at your peril.

Computers: I tried to improve the memory in my PC and landed up buying a new one ! Of course some of the peripherals are so old they don't work with windoze 7, so I have also had to buy a new printer and label printer - happy obsolescence !

Trumpets: For some unidentified reason the world has started selling ear trumpets again - it may be the recession is making some unfortunate folk re-look at their collectibles. So I have bought several new trumpets in the last month.

Wifey is off to Russia next week and the bureaucracy is as bad as India - all extras are $50 - want a visa application form ? $50, get a required invite $50, etc etc Looks like it will be cold. Attended a public auction and having sat through 600 lots bought two nice chairs. We saw a could be Pugin sketch estimated at £150 go for just under £10,000

Lots of TV famous antique specialists in attendance.

Just completed a website for Kate Masters