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MARCH 2012/ 1

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Ear Trumpets - again !
I bought a Hear Ring from Chi ha paura ...?   image of Hear-Ring
  photo courtesy Chi ha paura
This caused a series of emails to pass between the seller (Nora Morton) and me and resulted in her finding my trumpets and sending me these pictures of one in modern use
photo courtesy Claudia Strengers
Opening of Art Gallery in Amsterdam note local art collector Otto Schaap - see detail below
cropped by myk from above photo courtesy Claudia Strengers
banjo trumpet in use 2011 another view of Otto
Isn't that just wonderful !!!

Supermarkets are probably crooks

Tesco deliver to our house in the wilds, 330ml cans of Diet Coke are 49p ea this week.

At Sainsbury (but I have to carry them) an 8 pack is £3.85 and the sign says BOGOF, ie about 24p per can

No limit per customer so wifey bought ten yesterday and I bought 20 more today.

Driving home I realised that I have been living in the same house for over 30 years and drink about 5 cans a day.

This means I have consumed some 50,000 cans of coke since 1980 !

I collect ear trumpets,
there has been a glut of them on Ebay, so I have been buying.

I bought one which seemed a bit iffy and when it arrived it clearly wasn't what the seller said.

I complained to Ebay and emailed the seller.

After a week I left negative feedback.

Seller appears and refunds me in full, Ebay conspicuous by it's lack of response.

CAVEAT EMPTOR I have started a critique of Ebay trumpet adverts

Wifey and girlfriend
went to St Petersburg, Russia and are safely home, but both managed to get mugged on different occasions.