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APRIL 2012/ 1

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Crap suppliers
As some of you know, I buy a lot on the internet.

Recently my ear trumpet collection has got a boost because a lot of people seem keen to part with old relics during the recession for money.

I have been bidding on-line, very effective when the auction is in the USA.

Some houses still insist on not following this good trend.

During the last week I spied a lot in a Carlisle auction that I really wanted.

The sale was starting at 10am on a Monday.

I tried phoning between 9 and 10 to place a telephone bid, but they didn't answer the phone.

In a blind panic, I managed to get a response AFTER the auction had started.

I was told that it was TOO LATE to place a phone bid request. Why?.

So I had to place an absentee bid that was the very limit of my budget.

I won the item but lived through a further agony. I called to pay and got told ring back after 4pm.

I tried that and they just blocked the calls ... How to win friends and influence your customers.

I have a new gripe about the internet and websites that offer search facilities.

They give you a text box to fill and no button to click 'go' - they expect you to know that the enter button is the go command - WHY?, nobody ever says that is the case

And then they take you off their site and back to Google, who of course, list lots of other crap.

Website search facilities should be just that.

Especially the ones with auction lots and similar offers.

One needs to know that the field of search is clear and the search mas options should be clear. For every site that works well I find 10 that are difficult to use - result? - go to another site. That isn't what they wanted is it ?

I am an infrequent but regular user of the M6 Toll Road.
Last week I arrived at the toll booths to fin only 2 lanes taking money or giving change.

These of course were filled with large trucks belching poisonous rubbish mixed in with open top convertibles.

The other 8? lanes were for people who had a previously purchased pass card.

It was chaos - everyone was complaining which meant the lines were even longer than they might be.

Seems to me that there are more user-friendly ways of asking people to buy the pass card.

Needless to say on the way back I used the old road and it was busy but fine.

The M6 Toll Road has lost me as a customer except when I am really worried about traffic. I don't think that they intended that !

I bought PhotoShop CS from Adobe years ago
When you install it you have to 'activate' it
I recently lost my main computer and it had the program installed.
So I tried to deactivate the program.
In a fit of pique because it wasn't simple I elected to 'have chat' with Adobe on line

It ISN'T a bloke it is a f****ing computer.

As soon as it got into difficulty it fell back on instruction rhetoric.

I tumbled it was a machine when it did not answer my question but merely hauled something vaguely relevant from it's database.

When I wrote - 'you are a bloody computer' it said 'talk to technical support' - I thought I was doing that already.

So PS CS goes in the bin - I can't be bothered to install and then find it won't activate.

The older PS 7 is fine I have it on my main PC and my laptop as I can't use them at the same time.

There has to be a better way of managing the security of stuff I just crossed Adobe off my list of vendors - the hassle exceeds the benefit.