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MAY 2012/ 1

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Grand children
On a lighter note we had Easter at the daughter's place.

The pictures show new 5th grandchild Quinn Benedict and the brothers and sisters decorating the Easter tree.

this scallywag is Rowan

Nikon Software
NOTHING is ever easy I recently bought a 4 output video card so that I can have 4 screens on my computer.

Absolute bliss - I can have 15 windows open and see them all ! My new computer is fast enough to multitask the most memory hogging of my applications all at once I was very chuffed to install and setup my new 4 output video card without help from the techie son, although the manual was wrong and the 'quick set-up' misleading THEN I get a message from Nikon saying my camera image processing software needs updating

I created a windoze restore point I downloaded a huge 64-bit compatible file and installed it The Nikon editor now shows some red objects as blue - of course it is Saturday and Nikon support is not working. I have a load of pictures to process and working with the wrong colours is daunting to say the least.

My techie son arrives for the weekend and listens to my tale of woe about how I managed to set up 4 screens but a simple software upgrade is stuffing my computer So he suggests we look at the possibilty that the Nikon sotware was over-writing a NVIDIA DLL.

Having uninstalled and re-installed the old version of the software and the problem remained, it seemed a possible solution. We re-installed the NVIDIA drivers to no avail I then complain to hime about my card not being covered by either the printed or DVD manual. He suggests we look at the Windoze updater for later drivers still. Sure enough there is a later driver. Yes when I download it, and install it the problem goes away.

But if PNY can build a PCB, put it in a specially printed box - WHY CAN'T THEY include the latest software ?

Or if it is so difficult why don't they have a link off the DVD to where a later version will be found.

And WHY do I need to download nearly 100Mb for a file of a few Kb ???
thumbnail in correct reddish colour and render in Nikon Capture - BLUE !!


I HATE big companies who make assumptions

One of the worst is Google who keep altering the appearance of their products

I recently experienced a flood of complaints about not answering emails

After a lot of wondering I was suddenly forced by GoogleMail to use their 'update' mail client display I liked the old version better - it was clearer I was then tempted to see if I could change the setup to make the main screen clearer

I lunged into 'settings' only to discover that some while back - maybe 4 weeks they had added a new option to my spam box.

This resulted in the spam box being hidden from my view - and I did not notice it had gone

When I stumbled upon this insanity, that was hiding my spam box, there were over 3000 emails in it, amongst which some 25 which were from website automails that needed updating due to yet ANOTHER change in the way Google handles auto mails

It took me 4 hours to extract the data and respond apologetically to the senders I don't mind keeping my spam box clear - means I know what is going on BUT I hate the young plonker who decided to reset my setup and NOT TELL ME

Hearing Aid Manufacturers
A message for the hearing aid industry For years you have enjoyed high margins and the hard sell. As the recipient of more than my fair share of hearing aid samples, I KNOW how to improve your business.
1) reduce prices to reflect the true cost of the product
2) stop relying on free tests/trials to sell the product
3) accept that the real market is far larger than the small number of people who actually bother with one or 2 aids
4) sell aids from manufacturers who actually provide proper technical data not useless phrases like 'better than last year's model'.

And here is the crunch: Develop and promote a hearing aid which can be set up by the user not a specialist.
Current hearing tests are crap and very unscientific.
The audiologist only gets a rough idea of what the poor patient really needs.
If one could have the aid hardware fitted to one's ear and then be given a set of adjustments for frequency response etc., the user knows when it sounds better.
I have spent literally dozens of visits trying to explain to clever people trained the wrong way and offering me what I do not want.
The last aids I tested were designed to differentiate between people talking in front from people talking behind me. BUT I couldn't actually hear what my son was saying to me in a quiet room.

Spend time extending battery life.

Make the aid so that the user can have several programmes with entirely different settings for different situations.

Current aids all just fart about with the basic settings arrived at by an audioloogist who can't hear what the patient needs.

Finally the adjustment would be best done on-line so that the results of many people could be studied when designing next years model.

Good to see that there are now enough mac users claiming that they never get a computer virus, someone decided they should have their own.

This scourge of the modern age should be equally shared by all.

Most of us who lead a normal existence rarely get infected by such problems.

I note that the folk I come across who seem to suffer are the ones scouring porn sites for pictures of unfortunate children, or violence or despicable movies.

I think that people who find themselves the recipient of a visit by a bad computer program should think about where they might have caught it.