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JUNE 2012/ 1

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Open Studios
It is that time again - I will be displaying my Bagh-Tola sunsets in the summerhouse in Alison Holt's garden - here is the art bollox - click an image to see a bigger version


WHY oh why ? does the torch get hidden from view more than it is displayed ?

It is a very un-PC interpretation of the legend.

Why do a lot of people who might witness the event never see it because it is hidden on a bus?

View the pictures of the changeover in PANT

Mobile Repeaters
We have a desultry cellphone signal for all providers.

I decided to buy an amplifier.

Two weeks and £120 later a broken box arrives from China.

No instructions, no suppliers data.

So I trawl Mr Google to get back to the person taking my money.

Website seems to have gone and I failed to connect because I sent my complaint to another outfit with a similar name!

Fortunately, I paid by PaPal.
I entered a complaint and although the vendor had not replied to my email for 9 days - magically they were now available.
To be fair they offered to reimburse me and even managed to email an instruction sheet.

I was tempted to return the goods but they are half the price of everyone else so I kept them - more later.